PPG 2022 Global Trends Book

Under this overarching idea of Horizon, we will explore how the three different points of view, the concepts of reflection, hope and reverence, will manifest their unique color and shape narratives in the world of design. 2022+ COLOR & DESIGN TRENDS Onyx PPG1011-7 Intrigue PPG1019-7 Oceania PPG10-01 Winter’s Breath PPG1038-3 Gooseberry PPG1048-7 Lotus Petal PPG1073-1 Imagine PPG1094-6 Carrot Cake PPG1198-5 Magic Wand PPG1158-2 Pine Whisper PPG1134-4 Paris Pink PPG1181-6 Isle Royale PPG1232-4 River Rouge PPG1187-4 Atrium White PPG1020-1 Coral Silk PPG1195-5 2022 Color of the Year Olive Sprig PPG1125-4 ARCHITECTURAL AUTOMOTIVE AEROSPACE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS