PPG 2022 Global Trends Book

AN ELEGANT PALETTE, GROUNDED IN TRADITION Refined darks are critical in this color story, enhancing the composition of highs and lows inspired by glamorous, artistic interiors, where historical references are carefully layered. Intrigue PPG1019-7 Antiquity PPG1093-5 Oyster Shell PPG14-13 Winter’s Breath PPG1038-3 Candlelit Beige PPG1207-1 Ancestral PPG1047-4 Onyx PPG1011-7 Gooseberry PPG1048-7 Castle Stone PPG1128-7 Oceania PPG10-01 Ancient Copper PPG1063-7 Vining Ivy PPG1148-6 2022 Color of the Year Olive Sprig PPG1125-4 ARCHITECTURAL AUTOMOTIVE AEROSPACE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS