PPG 2022 Global Trends Book

MOOD BOOSTING COLORS Colors to refresh and renew. Whether single or layered colors, these hues’ intensities are hitting high notes, referencing the pop art movement’s primary palette and the brightness of digital art. This optimistic color narrative is telling a joyful story of renewal. Isle Royale PPG1232-4 Cenote PPG17-02 Aloha PPG1229-5 Atrium White PPG1020-1 Chilled Mint PPG1224-3 Lettuce Alone PPG1222-4 Paris Pink PPG1181-6 Coral Silk PPG1195-5 Crushed Pineapple PPG1213-7 River Rouge PPG1187-4 Mirabella PPG1176-6 Calypso Berry PPG1185-7 2022 Color of the Year Olive Sprig PPG1125-4 ARCHITECTURAL AUTOMOTIVE AEROSPACE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS