PPG 2022 Global Trends Book

Lotus Petal PPG1073-1 Pine Whisper PPG1134-4 Wistful Walk PPG11-15 Carrot Cake PPG1198-5 Tea Time PPG1054-4 Edamame PPG1030-4 Imagine PPG1094-6 Burnt Red PPG1188-7 Peace PPG10-28 Magic Wand PPG1158-2 Silver Service PPG1004-4 Yellow Coneflower PPG1209-5 Atrium White PPG1020-1 Chilled Mint PPG1224-3 Lettuce Alone PPG1222-4 Isle Royale PPG1232-4 Cenote PPG17-02 Aloha PPG1229-5 2022 Color of the Year OLIVE SPRIG PPG1125-4