PPG 2022 Global Trends Book

Cotton Tail PPG0998-1 Garlic Clove PPG18-09 Commercial White PPG1025-1 Blank Canvas PPG1085-1 Moth Gray PPG1024-4 Whiskers PPG1025-3 Ghost Writer PPG1007-3 Stonehenge Greige PPG1024-5 Half Dome PPG0994-3 Sweater Weather PPG0999-5 Patches PPG1024-6 Knight’s Armor PPG1001-6 ESSENTIAL NEUTRALS On the heel of our 2022 trend direction, we’re highlighting 12 essential neutrals hand-picked by our team of color experts. These neutrals represent our most versatile and valuable canvas colors. Our experts chose each one of them for intrinsic quality. ARCHITECTURAL AUTOMOTIVE AEROSPACE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS